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VNC Viewer 6.19

Connects to another computer via the VNC Connect network
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Provides connectivity between 2 or more devices, but this is not possible without the VNC Connect network. It is needed to make remote operations like accessing folders, changing settings and other options on a computer, and other modifications. The connection is made using the IP address of the other devices.

RealVNC's VNC Viewer is one of the 2 most impressive VNC applications I've seen. The other one is UltraVNC. Both applications do exactly the same and your final decision will mainly depend on your personal likings. RealVNC viewer connects to a VNC server. RealVNC offers Server products, but they are not free. UltraVNC offers free Server products. To connect to a server, simply input the IP address of the server and the password. There aren't many options that you can play with at this moment. UltraVNC gives you a little more freedom as to how you want to carry out a connection. This application works extremely great while connected to a VNC server. It allows you to copy/paste content from the local machine to the remote machine as if you were working on the same computer. It also allows for file transfers. The more graphic detail you enable from the connection screen, the slower the connection will be if you are using the Internet. If you are on a LAN, speed will be much faster. The file transfer capabilities of this free edition are not something to call about, but they work well. RealVNC offers an enterprise edition of this application, which is way better, but at a price.

José Fernández
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  • Great stability
  • Many options to play with


  • The free edition is not as good as the enterprise edition
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